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Shorkies are due the end of November
Muffy and Thor 
Cheri is due the middle of November
Biewer/biro carriers

Amelia had her puppies the 29th of September
3 boys and 4 girls...WOW!  
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Welcome to Texas Biewers, Biros, Golddusts and Shorkie Puppies!

We have moved!

We moved to NW Arkansas on Beaver lake in 2013. We no longer live in Texas but visit family several times a year. 
We raise Biewer Yorkshire Terriers a la Pom Pon, Biro Yorkshire Terriers, Golddust Yorkshire Terriers and a designer breed, Shorkies.
We pride 
ourselves in raising healthy, quality  puppies in our home with love and affection as part of our family.
They are seen by our vet for their shots, worming and exam. You can rest assured that you will get nothing but the best puppies from us.                                    
                     Quality... not quantity is our priority                                
    **We now accept pay-pal in addition to cash and/or money order**    

About the Biewers:

This unique dog, the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a al Pom Pon, originates from Germany
and is now being raised in North America.
It is a breed that follows specific German standards.
They are a familiar breed in Germany and many European countries but still a relatively new breed here in USA and Canada.

Breed Standard:

General Appearance:

That of a long-haired toy terrier whose hair hangs evenly and quite straight down each side of the body, and
from the base of the skull to the end of the tail. the animal should be very compact and neat. The tail should be
carried up. The outlines should give the impression of a powerful and well proportioned body.

Head and Skull:
The head should be rather small and flat, not too propionate or round in the skull, nor the muzzle too long with
an absolute black nose. The hair on the head is long, with colors: white-blue-gold, symmetrically colored.


Medium size, dark and sparkling with a sharp intelligent expression and placed in a way that they look straight.
They shall not be too prominent and the eye rims should be of a dark color.


Small V shaped ears, that are carried erect, and set not too far apart, covered with a short hair.


The teeth should be all the same. Either a scissor bite or a level bite is acceptable. Premolar faults are tolerated.


The legs should be totally straight, well covered with hair.

Hind Legs:

Legs rather straight, well muscled, and well covered with hair.


Very Compact with well formed hips, and a level back line.


A Complete Tail, with lots of hair, carried slightly higher than the level of the back.

As rounded as possible with toenails being white or black.

The hair on the body has a length 3/4 down the sides of the dog, or long enough to reach the ground,
and is absolutely straight (not wooly), shiny like silk and of fine silky texture, without an undercoat.
Coloring of the coat of the trunk, and of the head piece are as follows:
Rather white or blue-white broken or closely blue absolute, or black, without brown coloring.
Hair on the breast, pure white on the belly, and the legs. The head with White-blue-gold, symmetrically colored.

Weight and Height:

Up to 22cm in height and a weight of about 3.1 kg.


Light colored eyes or eye rims, Light colored nostrils, Any ear that is not erect, An over or undershot bite,
wavy or curly hair, and all differences within this breed standard.


As of May 2002 Germany enacted the Animal Protection Dog Regulations
tails or ears, therefore any docking of tails and ears on the Biewer is considered FORBIDDEN
in Germany. So all Biewer's imported, and shown in the USA or Canada must have un-cropped tails and
ears. This standard depicts the original standard, but we will enforce the current new restrictions
enacted from Germany. Any Biewer shown in the United States, Canada or Germany must now be shown in it's
natural state. Any Biewer with cropped ears or tails will be disqualified.



The Shorkie is a Toy Breed that originated 18 years ago here in the United States. Shorkie Puppies are known for their playful and sweet natured temperament. The standard size is up to 4-11 lbs. The Shorkie is probably the most popular of all the designer mix breeds.

The Shorkie breed is known for it's different color coats. Some of the colors that they can have are as follows: The black and tan, gold with black mask, solid gold, solid red, parti spotted colors of gold and white or black and white, and even chocolate. 

Some owners allow their Shorkie coat to grown long and to the ground. This is possible because both the Yorkie and Shih Tzu are non-shedding and have the possibility of their coats growing all the way to the floor. This does take some work and you will need to brush your Shorkie at least every two to three days and more often if they get dirty. There are probably more owners that give their Shorkie a puppy cut instead of going thru all the work of keeping the coat brushed and free of tangles . They also look like a puppy their whole life in a puppy cut. My personal favorite! The Shorkie breed can live in many different environments. If you live in a hotter climate I suggest you get your Shorkie a puppy cut, especially if they spend a lot of time outside in the sun. They will be much more comfortable. If you live in a colder climate then you should invest in a Coat or Sweater for your Shorkie. 

Most Shorkies will be comfortable in an apartment, condo, house or country setting. Exercise: It is important to give your Shorkie puppies proper exercise. If you have a fenced in yard you can let your Shorkie run loose but I suggest you be out there with it to make sure they don't find a place to get out. Most Shorkie puppies can get enough exercise just playing and running in your apartment or house but every dog that I've known loves to play outside. Most Shorkies don't mind getting dirty either. They will play in the dirt, grass and leaves with the best of them. They are truly the funniest little characters ever. But do not be fooled. They make the best cuddle bugs ever and want up in your bed every chance they get. 

Life Expectancy: The life expectancy of Shorkies are 14-19 years or more with proper diet and excercise and of course good vet care. . It is important to make sure your puppy is up to date on all it's vaccinations, de-wormings. 

The temperament or personality of your Shorkie will depend on a variety of factors. Their are two factors that I consider to be the most important when it comes to the Shorkie breed. The most important factors in my opinion is the temperament or personality and health of both parents. Both Mom and Dad need to be sweet natured with no bad personalities in their backgrounds either. Temperament is a trait that is bred and is genetic.  

The number two most important factor is socialization of the Shorkie puppies. This begins at birth and continues until the Shorkie puppy goes to it's new home. Each of the Shorkie puppies need to be well socialized with children and adults alike. I consider both of these factors to be equally important. 



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